Introducing SHARKS Junior


Year: 2017.

Introducing SHARKS Junior

Kids most of the times, get less priority than adults. However, kids nowadays, have become the future of the world. They need some attention, knowledge, and lesson from the older people.

Moreover, kids deserve some cool outfits, from top to bottom. This new movement encourages us to introduce The Sharks Junior, the original and inspiring outfits for kids. Let’s complete our kids with this brand new Sharks Junior and we’ll see them become cool and original.

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Capture Your Moments.

Location: Korea | Year: 2014.

Capture Your Moments.

A photo talks and shares many things in life. It can bring you to another dimension of life. It can bring back some memories, whether they are good ones or bad ones. Is not that true? When you open your album book and take a look of some photos, you may suddenly find yourself laugh or cry. A photo can also bring you to some places you never go or event some places you never know.

Capture many things in your life. Capture your moments. Bring some memories with you, so that you may tell some stories in the future to your loved ones. Keep these moments and memories of yours for you can not turn back time.

Happy Capturing?

Greeting from Korea.

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Create Smart // Active Look.

Location: Korea | Year: 2014.

+++ Create Your Smart // Active Look +++

“You are what you think, but you are also what you wear.” ~ anonymous. Your outfits define who you are and the impression you want to share with people around you. It is indeed a smart way to choose some nice outfits for your daily activities. This will give you some benefits and express your originality during the day.

A smart active look will bring nice, yet energetic, feeling for your exciting day. The mix-match of polo-shirt with chinos and/or shirt with chinos/jeans will surely create this smart active look. Nevertheless, please select some outfits that are made of good and cool materials. These good materials will make you relax during the tiring day.

Good Luck for Your Smart and Active Look.

Greeting from Korea.

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Friends Forever, Yeah!



Location: Gangnam | Year: 2014.


You may have many things in life … but without friends, it is quite empty, isn’t it? Yes, friends hold an important aspect in the happiness of life. Keep your friends and the relationships with them very well for they will be the ones walking with you till the end.

However, there are good friends and bad friends. Please make sure you choose some good ones because these good friends will help you grow and develop yourself. They can be as equally precious as your family. Share some stories with them, not only the good ones, but also the bad ones. In that way, the relationship will be sharpened and last forever.

May you find some good friends and build some good relationships with them that last forever?

Greeting from Gangnam.

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Couple Series

Year: 2016.


When there is a man, there will also be a woman. When there is a boy, there will also be a girl. This is how God creates the people to fulfill the world. This man and woman, boy and girl will become one and complete each other. One will attract the other and one will be attracted by the other as well.

Yes, find your partner in life, build a good relationship, and enjoy the process along the way. Fall in love, maintain your love, and complement each other. That is how it works. Furthermore, keep and improve your relationship with some couple-series outfits from Sharks Clothing.

We hope that you all have some good and healthy relationships?

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Dare To Dream

Location: Singapore | Year: 2011.

Dare to Dream

We are Sharkers and we are young, energetic, and have a lot of fun. Every path we are going through gives us a brand new experience and keeps us growing. Though the obstacles spread all along the way, we are not afraid, but brave.

We dream and we are dare to fight for it. Sometimes we fall, but soon enough, we will rise up again. This is who we are, young energetic people?

Moreover,  we share some creativity to the world during this journey of us. We believe that the world are all connected and when we share some creativity, we are making the world a better place.


Greeting from Singapore.

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