Location: Korea | Year: 2014.

+++ Create Your Smart // Active Look +++

“You are what you think, but you are also what you wear.” ~ anonymous. Your outfits define who you are and the impression you want to share with people around you. It is indeed a smart way to choose some nice outfits for your daily activities. This will give you some benefits and express your originality during the day.

A smart active look will bring nice, yet energetic, feeling for your exciting day. The mix-match of polo-shirt with chinos and/or shirt with chinos/jeans will surely create this smart active look. Nevertheless, please select some outfits that are made of good and cool materials. These good materials will make you relax during the tiring day.

Good Luck for Your Smart and Active Look.

Greeting from Korea.

Get Sharky – Get Original – Get Inspired


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